How To Make The Ultimate Survival Walking Staff. Carries Almost Everything You Need Inside It Except The Kitchen Sink. It’s Also Cheap, And Easy To Make

After you watch this video you’re going to want to go out and make one of these survival walking staffs yourself. This staff is simply amazing, and it’s cheap, as well as easy to make. You’ll soon discover that the way it’s made is one of those great ideas.

This survival walking staff weighs in at around 8 pounds depending on what you fill it with. You will even be able to carry drinkable water in it. So we weren’t exaggerating when we said it will fit almost everything you need except the kitchen sink.

When you first begin viewing this video you may be tempted to think “here we go again, another self proclaimed survival guru”. However we’re sure that after watching a few seconds you’ll be thinking that the guy in the video is pretty smart and has thought of everything.

In it he shares some pretty smart ideas, and planning. We’re positive your head will be swimming with your own ideas once you see how this staff is made, and the various things it can carry. Be sure to read 9 Good Reasons To Carry A “Survival Stick” which appears just below the video.


How To Make The Ultimate Survival Food

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9 Good Reasons To Carry A “Survival Stick”

  1. to clear spider webs
  2. part thick bushes or grass obscuring the trail
  3. as a support when going uphill
  4. as a brake when going downhill
  5. as a balance point when crossing streams, swamps and other rough terrain
  6. to knock something out of a tree that is too far out of reach
  7. to bring something back to you that has fallen into a lake or river
  8. to feel for obstacles in the path; to test mud and puddles for depth
  9. and as a defense against wild animals (or people)


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