How To Prepare For The Day When Your Personal SHTF

When we talk about SHTF we are usually referring to the day when there is a total breakdown of society, the Zombie Apocalypse. We don’t really know if that day is ever going to happen but we do want to be prepared for it.

What’s more likely to happen is a day when our own personal SHTF. You lose your job, someone close to you dies, your wife or husband walks out on you etc, etc. I’m sure there’s a whole list of things you could come up with.

It’s just as important to be prepared for that day as it is to prepare for the day when SHTF for society.

Be prepared. Preparing for an Economic Collapse, Civil Unrest or a Zombie Apocalypse can be over kill if you’re not prepared for everyday emergencies.

You can have a Personal SHTF at anytime, anywhere. Here are a few things to make you better prepared to face an emergency Situation.



Originally posted 2014-02-07 21:05:53.

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