How To Tie On A Fish Hook Fast, And Easy

There are many way to tie a fishing knot, perhaps hundreds of ways. Trying to figure out which way is the best may be difficult. Which reminds me of the fox, and rabbit story.

One day and fox, and rabbit were discussing how they would escape if they were being hunted. The fox was telling the rabbit about the 100 different ways he could escape.

Just as he finished telling the rabbit about #17 a pack of hunting dogs happened upon them. The rabbit only knew of one way to escape (which was to run down his rabbit hole). So the rabbit scampered down his hole, and safely hid from the dogs

The fox on the other hand was torn to pieces as he was thinking of which of his hundred ways he should use to escape. I think you get the point of the story! Which brings us to this enlightening video How To Tie On A Fishing Hook Fast, And Easy.

The outstanding video will show you step by step how to tie on that fish hook easy, and in no time flat. There’s lots of ways to do it and some are quite complicated. This is the easy way to do it.

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Watch The Video Below Now To See How It’s Done

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  • Mike Walker

    You need to spit on the line before tightening the knot. Your spit dissipates the heat caused when the knot is tightened. Knots can fail/break from the heat created when pulling the knot tight. This knot failure usually happens during a strike.

  • chris

    Hi Jason!

    Thanks for all the great info that you send everyday its super cool! I’m a prepper myself from South Africa and I the like outdoor living. The stuff that you send can realy make a difference between life and death in every day living. I cant wait to read yhe next mail.

    Thanks Again


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