How to Tie The King Of Survival Knots. It Won’t Slip, Jam, And It’s Excellent For Tying Around A Person In A Survival Situation

The bowline knot is often known as the king of knots. It is one of the most useful kind of knots that you can learn to tie. When done properly the bowline will not slip, or jam, and is easily released even after being tightened with a lot of weight.

The bowline knot is excellent for use in a survival situation such as tying around a person that needs help.

There are many other uses as well for this versitle knot. See how easy it is to tie a bowline knot by watching the video. Make sure to see the Slideshare presentation below the video which will instruct you on tying other basic rescue knots.

Basic Rescue Knots


Originally posted 2014-04-05 18:30:09.

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