Judge Tells Honorable Iraq Veteran Your Service In Iraq Makes You A Threat To Society Here’s Why His Story May Upset You!

Upon returning home from Iraq this soldier who served our country honorably ends up in prison. He cried out for help, and none was given. See what led up to him being thrown into prison. His story is absolutely riveting.
Consider this a wake up call for what many of our Veterans go through, and how getting back back to civilian life afterwards is not a walk in the park. Warning, his story may make you really angry. All he asks is that you listen.

Speaking from prison, Iraqi war veteran Andrew “Sarge” Chambers tells the story of how he got there in the video below.

As the judge told him when he sentenced Chambers to 10 years at Marion Correctional: “Your time in Iraq makes you a threat to society.”

Chambers reminds us of the sacrifices that linger with soldiers — and simply asks us to listen.

Originally posted 2014-04-29 18:16:14.

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  • dennis

    if this soldiers story doesn’t make you stop and think about what our men in arms go threw an what they sacrifice for the people of this country, then we don’t deserve the freedom we have………we need to find and thank a soldier every day for what they give to us…………i pray that our new president can fix our v.a. so our vets don’t have to suffer…….i am sorry you didn’t get the help you needed and deserved……and thank you for keeping us safe……..i will pray for you….

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