Little Known Trick For Removing A Ring That’s Stuck…Without Having To Cut Off The Ring, Or Finger!

If you’ve ever had a ring stuck on your finger you understand just how frustrating, and difficult it can be to remove the ring. It can be a dangerous, and expensive situation that can get bad real fast. People have been known to lose fingers due to a stuck ring. It can be a real heart breaker as well especially if it’s a wedding ring, or has some other sentimental value.

If you use your hands at work, or need them for an emergency survival situation being able to use those hands pain free could mean the difference between saving your life, or the life of someone else.

Please see the Important Things To Remember When Using This Technique which appears below the video.

Important Things To Remember When Using This Technique


1. Don’t try this if there is a wound on the finger – you would have to cut it off then.

2. It  will only work if you are reducing a soft tissue obstruction. Obviously if there is a bony block, e.g. osteoarthritis of the PIPJ then it won’t work.

3. If you give it a try then it’s at your own risk. We do this in the ED as if it fails we always have the option of ring cutters.

4. This can be painful. If your patient cannot tolerate it, or if they do not want to try then fair enough. Again you would then need to cut the ring off.

So, in reality it does not work every time, but so long as the caveats above are met then it may well be worth a try.



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