How to Make A Medieval Slingshot Crossbow With Assault Rifle Scope

This medieval slingshot crossbow might just be the most powerful slingshot ever created. After watching just how powerful it is, you might want to try and make one of these bad boys.

This slingshot crossbow is constructed with 20 mm spear gun rubber which is the thickest rubber you can buy. In a survival scenario if you don’t have a rifle this is a great back up.

If you decide to go forward and make this slingshot crossbow you might want to go with a little thinner rubber. The one shown here in the video can flatten a 22 mm lead ball and balloon it into 26 mm!

To provide pinpoint accuracy the scope from a German Army Heckler + Koch G 36 assault rifle is attached. All things considered, were not kidding when we say this may stop a charging elephant.

History Of Slingshots

Slingshots depend on strong elastic materials, typically vulcanized natural rubber or the equivalent, and thus date back no further than the invention of vulcanized rubber by Charles Goodyear in 1839 (patented in 1844). By 1860, this “new engine” had already established a reputation for juvenile use in vandalism, as well as at least one homicide.

For much of their early history, slingshots were a “do it yourself” item, typically made from a forked branch to form the “Y” shaped handle, with rubber strips sliced from items such as inner tubes or other sources of good vulcanized rubber and firing suitably sized stones.

While early slingshots were most associated with young vandals, they were also capable hunting arms in the hands of a skilled user. Firing metallic projectiles, such as lead musket balls or buckshot, or steel ball bearings, the slingshot was capable of taking game such as quail, pheasant, rabbit, and dove.

Placing multiple balls in the pouch produces a shotgun effect, such as firing a dozen BBs at a time for hunting small birds. With the addition of a suitable rest, the slingshot can also be used to fire arrows, allowing the hunting of medium sized game at short ranges.

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