Save Money On Your Heating Bill With This Cheap To Make DIY Candle Powered Flower Pot Radiant Space Heater. Works Great!

This is a pretty clever idea that could save you some money on your heating bill. This do it yourself space heater uses clay/terracotta flower pots and a couple of candles to soak up the heat of the candles and turn it into a pretty nice radiant space heater.

The key word here is “space”. It’s not going to heat up the whole house, but as a space heater it wonderful, and may tide you over a few more weeks until the cold weather is gone. This could work very well if you’re trying to keep warm while camping in a tent.

This flower pot radiant space heater gets real hot, and can reach a temperature of up to 180F. So don’t touch it! The inner part of the heater can reach 500F. That’s really hot! DO NOT LEAVE IT UNATTENDED, AND KEEP SMALL CHILDREN AWAY. Use common sense and you’ll be fine.

This heater uses up to 3 candles as you’ll see in the video, or you could use small alcohol lamps if you don’t want to use candles. What’s especially great about this DIY heater is that it will stay hot for hours. Watch the video to get all the instructions, and enjoy the heat.



Originally posted 2014-04-17 19:45:51.

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