How A Prepper Gets Endless Hot Water Without Electricity, And How You Can Do It Too!

If the grid ever goes down or a natural disaster should strike leaving you without power, you can still enjoy that hot shower. In fact, if you follow the prepper in this video you will be able to generate endless hot water without electricity for years.

This prepper has been heating 150 gallons to 185 degrees,  a day for 8 years.

This amazing small stove may be constructed primarily from thrown out materials  and will give you hot water when you need it most.  In this video, you will learn how by inserting a coil in the stove pipe, water can be directed through the pipe, heating it via a process known as thermosiphoning‘.

The bottom line is hot water, which may be combined with cold water so you get a better temperature for your needs.

A Word Of Warning!

The stove, pipe, and water, can get extremely hot. As demonstrated in the video wear some type of gloves that can handle high temperatures, and make sure you don’t leave the device alone.

Hot water and steam can cause severe burns. The system needs to be vented, or it could blow up. Use common sense and make sure the overflow goes somewhere safe to prevent injuries.

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