How To Make Fire With Flint, And A Knife

Every survival kit, or bug out bag should contain items that will help you start fire. These items include metal match, or flint stick, lighter, paper, or wooden matches, and a magnesium bar. Knowing how to start a fire may just be your best friend in an emergency situation.

Of course having matches, and a lighter is the easiest way. Let’s imagine you’ve got your fire supplies with you but you trip and fall and land in a steam soaking your supplies. Now you are cold, and your matches, and lighter are wet and not usable. All you’ve got is some flint, and a knife.

In this video, you will learn to start fire with flint, and a knife as well as items that should be available if you are out in the bush, or wilderness. In addition to having flint, and a knife to start your fire you will see it’s important to build your fire structure properly before attempting to start your fire.


Originally posted 2014-03-03 19:26:17.

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