Quick Survival Tip-How Paracord 550 Could Save Your Life

Paracord 550 is a hot topic in the survival world. Knowing how to use it properly just might save your life. One question that naturally comes up is why should you use paracord, instead of plain nylon cord?  When you look at both of them together you don’t really see much of a difference. They’re both a type of cord, about the same diamater, and weight.

Paracord is more expensive than nylon cord, so why all the fuss about paracord? The main reason is paracord 550 can be used for many more things. In case you don’t know, 550 refers to the breaking strength of the cord, which is more than 3 times the strength of the nylon cord most survivalist, or campers use.

Because of the way paracord is made it will not fail. Paracord is made with an outer casing the contain 7 internal yarns. Each of the yarns is made of two strands. As you can see paracord 550 is strong stuff. This alone makes it worth the extra cost.

Not only that, in a survival situation one foot of paracord  is about eight feet of of cord you can use if you pull it apart. That means 100 feet of paracord 550 will give you about 800 feet of usable cord should you need it. Paracord is easy to pull apart, all you have to do is pull the casing off. Now you have the rugged outer casing which may be utilized as well as the internal yarns. This is pretty cool stuff.

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What’s more is that you can use the internal yarns called “guts” in many different  ways such as making a net, sewing, or for use as a fishing line. As you watch the video below you’ll discover many other uses for paracord 550.

As you can see these as just a few of the many reason that you may want to consider using paracord instead of plain nylon cord. Watch the video now to discover more about this hot survival tool.



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