Swedish Bushcraft Secret-How To Carve Spoons From Wood That Are So Well Made People Will Think They Were Machined

Here’s a Swedish bushcraft secret for carving spoons from wood. We think you’ll enjoy this amazing approach to spoon making. There is something quite special about hand-made wooden spoons. Follow these instructions, and you’ll have spoons that won’t give you splinters.

Sure you’d rather use a real spoon however if you ever need to make one you’ll know how to make these wood spoons. It’s a nice survival skill to know.  This is a fun project, but does take some work.

It may turn out that you’ll enjoy making these spoons in your spare time as a hobby. Below this video we’ve include an article on spoon making if you want to learn more.

How to Make a Wooden Spoon

Spoon Making MaterialsA supply of hardwood (I use red oak and maple) is, of course, the first requirement for spoon carving. You should be able to scrounge all of this lumber that you’ll need from high school and college shop classes, furniture factories, or local lumberyards. These outfits often discard “spoon-sized” scraps, so they’re not likely to charge you for ’em. At least, I’ve never had to pay for my materials.

You’ll also need a few basic tools … though how many you require will depend upon your talent and patience. I use a wood rasp, a good pocketknife (it must take and hold a keen edge), an X-Acto handle with a replaceable gouge blade coarse and fine sand paper, and a handsaw. The latter isn’t absolutely necessary, but it sure comes in handy once in a while.

How to Make a Wooden Spoon, Step By Step

Sometimes the idea of putting tools to wood can be more intimidating than the actual job ever will. Because of this, I’ve found it best to just “jump right in.” You should, however, draw a “pattern” or two on your piece of board (let the grain and color of the wood do most of the design work for you). And don’t expect the sketch to be just like your finished product … the shape will change as the spoon “comes out” of the lumber.

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    Thank You for sharing your very useful nice craft! I also liked the potato with egg inside! Thanks, & by the way I am 65 female widow, used to camp w husband and loved it!

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