Tested Combat Veteran Reveals Why Most Preppers Will Die In WROL (Put This On Your Must Watch List)

This is some sobering advice from a tested combat veteran. A lot of survivalist, and preppers will do well to watch, listen, and take notes to the wisdom that is imparted here. Many people will probably not take it seriously, and those are the ones who will most likely die when the power goes out.

If WROL happens, it will not be like the movies. There are a few movies that portray actual combat situations such as Saving Private Ryan, and Band Of Brothers fairly accurately. This video holds nothing back, and tells it like it is. When WROL happens and it will according to this veteran there will be moments of violence, and intense combat. The question is will you REALLY be ready for it?

Video: Why Most Preppers Will Die In WROL

Important Note About The Video:

We had to replace the original video with the following video because the video owner closed their account with Youtube. The video below shows what real combat is like. Do you think you could deal with it on a daily basis in WROL?

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