This is Insane! Inventor Of Engine That Runs On 80% Water Jailed For Making This Video

Those who believe in  conspiracies have a pretty strong point here. Inventor Paul Pantone was jailed after making this video. Paul developed a small engine that runs on 80% water plus a variety of other things (and yes, it works).

Paul was offered money from some big oil groups for his patent. Paul’s stipulation was that the invention be used to help man.

Each time the prospective buyers turned him down. Allegedly Paul was taken to court and it was argued that he was insane for turning down an offer for such a large sum of money.

Paul was thinking principles, over profit. Paul was eventually placed in a mental hospital and was pressured, and tortured to try and force him to sign over his patent.

Paul Pantone knew that he would never be able to market his invention so he put together some do it yourself plans to modify your own engines. Links to those plans follow the video. The info is free.

The story of Paul Pantone is one that needs to be told. The following video does quite a good job of this. Watch the video now, and read the “Persecution” story below the video.

Here is the link to the small engine plans…

We suggest that you check out the entire site:



Article Source: Geet

Paul Pantone - Inventor prisoner - early 2007 Paul Pantone was railroaded through a series of bizarre legal maneuvers by powerful and corrupt conspirators into a State Mental Hospital in Provo Utah where he resides today.   He’s supposed to be incompetent for claiming that one can fuel a car with mostly water using his system and for not getting along with fired attorneys under Utah Code 77-15-5(4-5) who betrayed him.  Never mind the over 200 GEET devices in the US currently running on mostly water.
Paul Pantone 2007
Inventor prisoner

How did this happen?  In the year 2000, Paul Pantone was offered many millions of dollars to sell off his rights to GEET.  Paul was clearly threatened that there would be serious consequences to his future if he did not.

What is Paul’s real crime against “the system”?   Perhaps it is refusing to sell out, refusing to cash in and sell his patents, his company and his life’s work for possible shelving – whatever the cost to him personally.

So Paul suffered horrendous persecution promised by a powerful Utah political machine determined to make him “go away”.  He has lost millions in the battle.   He had no money left for effective legal representation.   Strategic rumors had been intentionally spread in sensitive situations accusing Paul of unspeakable acts in order to incite horrific treatment against him by officers of the law and others.    On occasion Paul was secretly drugged.   He was set up and framed for securities fraud.  Paul Pantone’s  major “victim” in the securities fraud case has been under investigation by the IRS for illegal offshore tax shelter activity involving over a million dollars. Read More

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  • trixie jones

    How come I,ve never heard of this poor mans persecution from big companies and terrible unjust treatment before now before now? I,m horrified at what he went through.As usual money is everything in this world and the thought of the big ones losing out shows you what lengths they will go to,to keep their f–kin profits.

  • Forrest Dodd

    This may fit in with the so called water shortage in Calif. If the big guys can get control of all the water then cars running on water will be allowed. I think.



  • Pierre Savoie

    Water is a PRODUCT of chemical reactions, not a reactant itself. It is the chemical equivalent of ashes. You can’t expect to get energy out of ashes, can you? He’s going against the laws of thermodynamics to perpetuate a scam: light on evidence, heavy on calls for investors…

    • Jay Ram

      If you apply electrolysis to water what happens? You get oxygen and hydrogen, two very powerful fuels. So learn about what you are stating as fact if you do not know what is fact.

      • Deb Unker

        “If you apply electrolysis to water what happens?”

        You get hydrogen and oxygen, + an equal loss of energy from your power source.

        Where would you propose the energy would come from, in order to split water in an engine?

  • Mark B. Hammell

    How come the story of Ghris Skinner is not being told to the world ? This visionary genius prodigy was lightyears ahead of everybody else when it comes to space propulsion without reaction mass, photovoltaics, even way ahead of Martin Fleishmann on cold fusion. Yet the abysmally ignorant and mentally retarded conservatives of Boise, Idaho persecuted and completely destroyed him.Even NASA and their Inventions and Contributions Board (ICB)is nothing but a joke.

    Tell how J.R.Simplot and all the arrogant conservative criminals involved with him have obstructed justice. Expose the corrupt government officials who do not uphold civil and criminal complaints. Expose their involvement in the Clinton Sex Scandal(because Clinton appointed Lee to the Injustice Department to investigate justice not upheld). Expose the Mafia and Mormon Church criminal allies and partners in criminal racketeering with Jack Simplot. Expose Mormon involvement in the anthrax attacks of 2001. The corrupt and incompetent F.B.I. instead harassed Steven Hatfill and Bruce Ivins to the point of suicide. Yet an arrogant F.B.I. criminal thug (complete hypocrite)by the name of Stewart at the Tyler,Texas F.B.I. office actually had the nerve to tell Skinner that he was the one who is not credible and can do no wrong ! ! ! What a bunch of arrogant and corrupt hypocrite bastards.

  • Mark B. Hammell

    You can always tell when the people who run the system are arrogant and corrupt. Because they always resort to slandering truth and justice with crooked and corrupt ” quack-o-logy ” and schizophrenic mental illness nonsense. These phony cranks of Sigmund Freud are THE REAL CRACKPOTS. All these phony cranks of psychology and psychiatry need to be arrested and tossed into jail along with all the rest of the arrogant conservative criminals who run America.

  • Mark B. Hammell

    The only thing these phony quacks and criminals are good for is to slander and discredit the real issues of justice that really matter.

  • Mark B. Hammell

    Perhaps Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky should step forward and confess what kind of ignorant and mentally retarded conservative criminals (J.R.Simplot/Mafia/Mormons)they were involved with.

  • Chris Skinner

    My sentiment exactly.Jail the arrogant criminal crackpots of psychology and psychiatry.Set inventors free.

  • Falcon101

    The Inventors are NOT the problem here, the problem is the Corporate system we are involved with since the US government became a Corporation in 1871. They have people at the US Patent office whose job it is to search for new ideas through incoming patent applications and they deny the applicants patent, tweak the idea and then resubmit the patent application under some Corporate entities name and then go after the original patent applicant to sell their idea and if they fail to sell the idea, their lives are either taken from them or they attack their credibility just as happened here.

  • Richard

    I actually remember this lol. Not the first guy to have this done to them either. I saw a friend get exiled to Mexico by the government because of some advanced research he was doing with aloe vera. Fda is about as bad as the oil man lol. Also vuagly remember a line of cars that never hit the streets way back in the 80s or 90s for the same reasons this guy was jailed. Wish I remembered the name of the car now. I’d post links. I think one exists and the rest was destroid
    Sad this happens. But I bet we see a lot more next four years. Trump is 100% behind the oil industry which in it’s self is a bad idea. Our oil supply on earth grows finite. And now we are almost 100% dependant on oil. When it’s gone it’s gonna set us back 200 years. People like this man try to offer solutions to help stop this and get jailed. It’s a sign of how very little our minds evolved since the 1800s.our tech grew by leaps and bounds but not how we rationalize things. That is going to be our down fall in the end. Burn all the oil we can to the last drop and make that money. Let our kids deal with the after math. Who cares as long as we got our money. And trump will just be the exclamation point to that. I won’t be shocked if hydroxi generators get outlawed. How dare we save a penny burning anything but oil? That’s just blasphemy. Never mind it’s the hydrogen that is being burned in gas. The rest is just carbon chains to make it easy to pour. Hydrogen is the most powerful fuel source we have and can be easily made on demand from cracking water. But that is cheaper. And steps on the oil sands toes. I honestly see no hope in this attitude changing in time to put solutions into place before hand.

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