Top 10 Cities In The USA With The Highest Crime Rates

It maybe time to get out of dodge if you live in one of these cities. In this post you’ll find the top 10 cities in the USA with the highest crime rates. Things taken into consideration for these ranking are kinds of crimes committed, the size of the city.

As an example you may have a city with more murders committed in it however a smaller city may rank higher because it has a higher murder per capita. This is the case when you look at Detroit, and Flint Michigan.

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Here are the cities with the worst crime rates, with #1 being the worst city. Make sure to watch the video below.

10. Cleveland, Ohio
9. Baltimore, Maryland
8. New Haven, Connecticut
7. Birmingham, Alabama
6. Stockton, California
5. Memphis, Tennessee
4. St. Louis, Missouri
3. Oakland, California
2. Detroit, Michigan
1. Flint, Michigan



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