Warning, Graphic Survival Content-Just Something To Think About

In the video you are about to see you will witness some pretty graphic stuff. It not bad, or good it’s just the way nature is. To those survivalist who are vegetarian you can move on to the next post. If you are a meat eater this post will give you cause to reflect. This is not a vegetarian vs meat eater thing.

Most people want to eat meat, but the question that comes up is how bad would you want to eat meat if you had to kill it yourself in a survival situation? Hence the reason for the video. In the video you’ll see a baboon eating a gazelle alive. To the baboon it’s just the way things are. It’s in the baboon’s nature to survive this way.

People don’t usually give a second thought to ordering a steak, or fast food burger, or chicken sandwich. However someone had to do the killing. The question to ask your self is would you still order that steak, burger, or chicken sandwich if you had to kill that animal yourself?

We don’t think most people would, or could do it. In a survival situation who knows. Again we’re not passing judgement here just something to consider. If you don’t think you could do it you may want to prepare for some other sources of protein instead of meat.

Warning This Video Contains Graphic Animal Behavior

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  • Timmy762

    That was a tough little gazelle. It’s a shame it had to die in such a way but there is a big difference in humanly killing something and dressing it out than what I just watched.

  • Woody Duncan

    Since I’ve been hunting and eating moose, deer, bear, elk, rabbit, grouse, squirrel, hogs, rats, opossum, flattail, coon, bugs…etc for over 50 years I think I already passed this test long ago. Glad you thought to get the sheaple to look and think about this aspect as most are way to squeemish to handle the prepwork afterwards.

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