How To Make An Apache Foot Trap. Only Use This In A Survival Situation

Please heed this warning and only use what you will be learning here in a survival situation. Here you are going to learn how to make an Apache foot trap that works.

You don’t want people stepping in your trap, so make sure you mark your traps to prevent a serious injury. In a SHTF situation you could set up traps around your base though.

These Apache foot traps really get the job done. Please don’t take them lightly, and only use them in an extreme situation.


How To Build An Apache Foot Trap

To build an Apache foothold trap all that is necessary in the way of materials is a rope, a knife and some sticks. Dig a hole about twenty inches deep and about a foot in diameter, and gather about a dozen one-inch thick sticks.

At about 9 inches from the bottom of the hole you have dug, pound the sticks into the side of the hole horizontally to form a circle, with the opening about 5 inches in diameter at the ends of the sticks.

Take a knife and shave a point onto the end of each stick. At about 18 inches from the bottom of the hole, repeat the procedure with a new set of sticks.

Take a very sturdy piece of rope and tie one end to a tree, and on the other end tie a slipknot to the size of the circumference of the hole, and place it on top of the higher set of pointed sticks,

Cover the hole with leaves or grass to disguise the trap, and cover the rope running from the hole to the tree with leaves as well.

The basic idea is that an animal will step through the slipknot in the trap, and as it struggles to get loose from the sticks in the hole the slipknot will tighten around the animal’s leg, thus trapping it.

The size and depth of the hole should match the size of the prey, and it will work on just about any animal. Image Source

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  • J.M.Wells

    Essentially this is a variant of the punji traps we faced in Nam. They had a meaner add, sharpened sticks pointing up from the bottom. Pierced through the boot and foot of the unwary.

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