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What Would You Do If The Grid Were To Go Down For A Year?

We hope it never happens, but the threat of the grid going down for an extended period of time is very real. If fact if a major emergency were to take place 1 year may be very optimistic. According to

“The power grid has morphed in size tenfold during the past 50 years. While solar flares, cyber attacks, and an EMP are perhaps the most extensive and frightening threats to the electrical system, the infrastructure could just as easily fail in large portions due to weather-related events. The power grid is basically a ticking time bomb which will spawn civil unrest, lack of food, clean water, and a multitude of fires if it does go down.”

So that begs for the question what would you do if the grid were to go down for an entire year? Please leave your comments below in the comments section.

To get you started here are a few comments we have collected: Comment Source

1-“WE” as in the Planet will be fine. At the rate we are going the Earth will just flick us all off it’s back and carry on. I still laugh at George Carlin’s routine on how Earth will always carry on, with or without us.

2.-There would be no heat for your home. – got a chain saw and gas and a wood stove.

-Water would no longer be pumped into most homes. – On well water and I have a hand pump

-Your computer would not work. – I have solar

-There would be no Internet. – no loss there

-Your phones would not work. – no loss there

-There would be no television. – no loss there

-There would be no radio. – There would still be shortwave – I play music, maybe it will be appreciated by others.

-ATM machines would be shut down. – no big deal

-There would be no banking. – no big deal

-Your debit cards and credit cards would not work. – no big deal

-Without electricity, gas stations would not be functioning. – no big deal

-Most people would be unable to do their jobs without electricity and employment would collapse. – a new economy would emerge and it will be labor intensive requiring many hands.

-Commerce would be brought to a standstill. – a new economy would emerge

-Hospitals would not be able to function. – Doctors would not have as much paper work and can get back to treating people

-You would quickly start running out of medicine. – I don’t use any and I do have medicinal plant and literature.

-All refrigeration would shut down and frozen foods in our homes and supermarkets would start to go bad. – no big deal.


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3. “Wow. What would you do without power for 18 months?”

“I wouldnt be on this stupid computer for one,,,

then I would have coffee, make breakfast of sorts, most likely rice and spam
then I would go out and tend the gardens!

4. No power?…a minor inconveinence at worst…

5. Lets hope so.

Take it all down for at least a year.

That’ll clean out most of the cities and the vermin that inhabit them.

It really wouldn’t be that bad. Human’s lived for just a bit of time long before electricity came around – we’d do it again, just on a smaller scale than we have now.

I sort of look forward to it. No computers, no planes, no car’s, etc, etc.



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