Who Says Backpacking Is Dirty Business? How To Stay Clean While On The Trail

Many people love the feeling of being out in the woods, and spending some time with nature. While prepping, and survivalism is serious business it’s nice to just get out and relax with mother nature. One thing that stops many people from hiking, and camping is they don’t like being dirty, and smelling bad.

This can happen rather quickly out on the trail specially in the summer. So what do you do when a river, or stream is not available? All that you need is to have is a little trickle of water from a small stream. Don’t worry you can keep yourself clean, and smelling great by showering in the woods.

What you will need is a small trickle of water, and a few of the items shown in the video. Now you will be able to stay clean, and smell great. Depending on who you are with showering in the woods could be kind of fun. Here is one way to feel a little fresher and smell a little better while out on the trail. Watch the video now.



Originally posted 2014-04-01 17:04:06.

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