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  • cryptocurrencies
    Please Stay Away From This Trap

    This is the first time I’ve ever talked about this subject, but I feel it’s just as important as your physical survival. And that subject is finances. Look if you are short on income your physical survival...

    • Posted January 18, 2018
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  • fake news
    Hillary Clinton Really Said This???

    Please Please Please understand this is a simple yet very powerful lesson. Make sure you read every word of this post or you may miss the point. This is an object lesson, and not a point of...

    • Posted January 16, 2018
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  • bruce lee vs chuck norris
    The Winner Of The Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris Real Fight

    According to all those that cast their votes in the Bruce Lee vs  Chuck Norris real fight scenario, it’s a lopsided win for one of the fighters. A few people gave some pretty good resons why they...

    • Posted January 10, 2018
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  • bruce lee vs chuck norris
    Who Would Win In A Real Fight…Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris?

    Alright everyone, thought I’d stir up a little controversy here. Some of you know that I Jason The Good Survivalist used to work for Chuck Norris back in the day. Yeah, that really dates me, but so...

    • Posted December 30, 2017
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  • pandemic preparedness
    6 Essential Pandemic Preparedness Tips

    It’s about the time of year where people start to talk about pandemics. In this article we will discuss 6 pandemic preparedness tips, and how to determine if there is a real threat or not. Many survivalists...

    • Posted December 26, 2017
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  • situational awareness
    6 Situational Awareness Self Defense Tips For Staying Safe On The Streets

    Developing situational awareness is vital for self defense and staying safe on the streets, especially when you are in unfamiliar areas. Developing and practicing situational awareness could mean the difference between avoiding a bad situation, or having...

    • Posted December 23, 2017
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  • 10 Secret Places To Hide Your Stuff When SHTF

    When SHTF happens, more often than not, law enforcement will be extremely busy and unable to uphold the law efficiently. There’s to much going on and not enough officers to handle it.   Crime will start to...

    • Posted November 20, 2017
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  • emergency phone charger
    How To Make An SHTF Emergency Phone Charger From A Mint Tin

    This is a very clever way to make an emergency phone charger from a mint tin. Something like an Altoids can is perfect. Once completed you will have a nice little power bank which can be used...

    • Posted October 29, 2017
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  • food storage tips
    Top 7 Food Storage Tips For Preppers And Survivalists

    Knowing these food storage tips will come in handy in a an emergency. Especially if you are a new prepper, or survivalist. Keep in mind you don’t have to use all these food storage at once. The...

    • Posted October 27, 2017
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  • how we are being brainwashed
    How We Are Being Brainwashed

    The title of this post how we are being brainwashed certainly sounds ominous. However as you read on I think you will be comforted a little by the message. I get a lot of emails for people...

    • Posted October 10, 2017
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  • are you prepared
    Are You Prepared For Anything?

    And How Was your weekend? Finally figured out what to do over the weekend. Ended up taking a little day trip to the world famous Venice Beach Canals and boardwalk. The canals are stunningly beautiful If you...

    • Posted October 9, 2017
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  • survival newsletter
    Special Alert! Here’s A Sample Of What You’re Missing

    If you have not subscribed to my newsletter you are missing out on some really great stuff. It’s getting some really great reviews and comments. To sign up for the newsletter go to TheGoodSurvivalist.com. On the right...

    • Posted October 6, 2017
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  • water storage tower
    7 Water Storage Tips And Supplies You’ll Need For Emergency Preparedness

    As we’ve seen recently in the news having a water storage plan is essential. Water is one of the critical things a person has to have in order to be able to survive. Your body’s organs will...

    • Posted September 23, 2017
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  • instant knockout
    The Instant Knockout Technique For Self Defense

    The instant knockout technique will knockout any size attacker with one well placed blow. It’s a great tool to have in your bag of self defense techniques Many people will tell you to aim for the jaw,...

    • Posted September 18, 2017
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  • street fight
    6 Life Saving Rules For Surviving A Serious Street Fight

    The rules for a serious street fight, or attack (if there are such things) have changed over the years. In the past guys would just stand and duke it out with each other until one couldn’t continue....

    • Posted September 16, 2017
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  • deadliest knife
    The World’s Deadliest Knife And How To Use It For Self Defense

    The Karambit is often referred to as the world’s deadliest knife for good reason. With one well placed swipe on a number of strike points the karambit can take down even the largest of attackers. Another reason...

    • Posted September 8, 2017
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  • survival shelters
    Quick And Easy Short Term Survival Shelters

    In an emergency situation, you need to have survival shelters that will keep you safe from whatever the weather throws your way. It could be anything from the scorching sun beating down on you or a torrential...

    • Posted September 5, 2017
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  • survival tips
    5 Survival Tips That Could Mean The Difference Between Living Or Dying

    The following survival tips may seem pretty basic, but they could save your life. Believe it or not it’s the experienced hiker, camper, or survivalist that often runs into trouble when heading out alone. They can have...

    • Posted September 4, 2017
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  • firearm and ammo storage
    8 Firearm And Ammo Storage Tips Every Prepper Should Know

      Firearm and ammo storage is critical. You want to set put aside a stockpile of ammo and firearms because you may not be able to buy them in an SHTF scenario. Firearm and ammo storage is...

    • Posted September 3, 2017
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  • homestead dairy cow
    How To Raise A Homestead Dairy Cow

    A lot of homesteading prepper families choose to invest in a homestead dairy cow for their property. This will provide a lot of milk for your family – and possibly some extra for your pigs, if you’re...

    • Posted September 2, 2017
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  • chicken coop
    Top 10 Homesteading Chicken Coop Tips

    Having a chicken coop on your homestead can yield many benefits. Just as a cow can give you beef and milk, a chicken has a has two benefits as well – eggs and meat. Here are 10...

    • Posted September 1, 2017
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  • homesteading
    8 Homesteading Must Haves

    When you make the choice to start homesteading and build a family property that allows you to be self reliant and safe in the event of an SHTF situation, you need to be sure it meets a...

    • Posted August 31, 2017
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  • off grid power options
    Free And Cheap Off Grid Power Options For Preppers And Survivalists

    When people make the choice to become preppers and live off grid, there are a number of off grid power options to think about due to the loss of electricity. But going off the grid is the...

    • Posted August 29, 2017
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  • get and store antibiotics
    How To Get And Store Antibiotics Without A Prescription For When SHTF

    In this post we will discuss how to get and store antibiotics without a prescription, and how to do it legally. Illnesses don’t care about SHTF. They’ll keep charging right at you whether or not you’re in...

    • Posted August 29, 2017
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  • prepper vehicles
    Top 5 Prepper Vehicles – How To Choose The Right One For You

      No matter whether an SHTF situation occurs, or you’re planning to live on your own homestead off the grid, you want to have a variety of prepper vehicles at your disposal. The terrain will be different...

    • Posted August 28, 2017
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  • survival shelter
    10 Top Wilderness Survival Shelters

    When SHTF, you have to have a survival shelter that’s going to keep you safe from harm whatever the weather delivers. It could be the sun beating down on you or a powerful thunderstorm, whatever the case...

    • Posted August 28, 2017
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  • water storage
    How To Set Up A “Must Have” Survival Water Storage System

    Water storage is absolutely essential for crisis survival. Truth be told most water storage containers aren’t designed for real life survival situations. Setting up your water storage system is simple if you use a unique survival tool...

    • Posted August 2, 2017
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  • survival tool
    How This Insane Survival Tool Could Easily Save Your Life

    This New survival tool has already been banned in certain states. BANNED in certain parts of New Jersey! BANNED in certain towns in Maryland! RESTRICTED use in parts of Missouri! RESTRICTED use in parts of Wisconsin!  Maybe...

    • Posted July 22, 2017
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  • 3 Booby Traps To Protect Your Home

    Friends, patriots, deplorables, lend me your ears! I’m about to lay it down today. No holding back from your buddy Jules Courtney over here, so if you have a weak stomach, you better just go read Buzzfeed...

    • Posted June 22, 2017
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  • How To Protect Against Large Animal Attacks

    Howdy, I’m back at it again peeps, ready to spit more knowledge for ya. I’d like to jump back into self-defense after last week’s break.  So far we have gone over the 3 Second Take Down, and...

    • Posted June 22, 2017
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