Top 5 Primitive Shelters And How To Build Them When SHTF

Knowing how to build these primitive shelters could come in handy in a SHTF situation. They could also help you to survive if you got stranded in the wilderness for some reason.

Each of these primitive shelters are to be built based on your situation, and the time of year. Another consideration is the length of time you are going to need your shelter.

A few of the primitive shelters below are  designed for short term use while others are designed for the longer term. Our suggestion is to become familiar with at least 2 of them. One long term, and one for short term use.

#1 Debris Hut Shelter (long term)

This shelter combines a debris hut with a workshop area. It’s created without any cordage, knife, or other tools.

This post describes how to build a debris hut.  It is a simple shelter you can construct from natural materials. Crucially, it does not require any special tools or equipment to construct.

It provides protection from the elements and is simple to build.  A primary feature of this shelter is that it works without need of a fire to warm it. Read More

Video: How To Build A Debris Hut Shelter



#2 Quintze Hut (short term)

A quinzhee (or quinzee) looks like an igloo, with a similar shape. But the construction method is completely different. Igloos are harder to build but they are sturdier.

A quinzhee is relatively easy and quick to build, a perfect backyards project, but can also be a good emergency shelter. This quinzhee also has a window and a stove!

Video: How To Build A Quintze Hut.

#3 A-frame Shelter (long term)

I will visit a commonly known shelter, of which there are several ways to build.  It is called the A-Frame shelter.  There is a lashed version (uses a tree for stability) and a free standing version. 

A-Frame shelters are a very useful type, because they are quick and strong. It is useful for keeping dry in hot, rainy weather. Read More

Video: How To Build An A-Frame Shelter

#4 Tree Root Survival Shelter (short term)

When in a Survival situation it is important to use your Bushcraft knowledge and utilize the natural resources surrounding you.

This video shows you how to build a fast survival shelter for emergency situations where time and elements are against you.

Video: How To Build A Tree Root Survival Shelter

#5 The Dugout Shelter (medium-longer term)

The dugout shelter an easy way to make a shelter for yourself, if you don’t have any resources or material. It can’t however be used in situations where there is rain or the climate is cold.

In a SHTF situation you won’t be able to browse the web for log cabins for sale, so this type of temporary housing is a great option. Read More

Video: How To Build A Dugout Shelter

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  1. William Biddulph

    March 29, 2017 at 12:28 pm

    Improvise, Utilise, Adapt & Overcome.

    Look at something, NOT for what it is, But For WHAT it could become.