17 Critical Items To Stock For Severe Weather Disasters

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Today’s weather is quite unpredictable and people say it’s all due to global warming. Regardless the reason behind Mother Nature’s fury, one thing is certain: you need to prepare for weather disasters!

It seems that these events are becoming a common occurrence for most of us, with devastating consequences.

Meteorologists are able to predict severe weather and issue warnings accordingly. However, that’s pretty much all they can do.

There isn’t a completely accurate science for the outcome of most weather disasters. As you’ve seen in the news, a tornado can change its path in a matter of seconds or minutes.



If you can’t bug out and leave your home behind, you are advised to gather all the essentials items that make survival possible. Since you can’t evacuate, you might as well have everything you need to survive at home.

Here are the must have items to survive weather events:

  1. Generator and fuel

Some say that these are the most basic items needed during a crisis scenario. It is no wonder most households in America have at least one generator.

Being able to provide your family with all the comfort they are used to, even during a crisis, makes the disaster event a bearable experience.

Once you figure out what type of devices you need to power, you have to calculate how many watts it will take to run each piece of equipment.

Add up the wattage requirements for each piece of equipment on your list and it will tell you what size of generators you will need.

Check out the other must-have items to survive severe weather events:

17 Must-Have Items To Prepare For Weather Disasters


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