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4 Foods That Need To Be In Every Prepper’s Survival Garden

The Method of the day for Survivalists:

Most people think that having a prepper survival garden means your going to be living on salad. While that may sustain for awhile, it won’t keep you going over a long period of time.

You need to be thinking about a good protein source as well.  The pioneers, and Indians survived for many years on these 4 items which are fairly easy to grow.

These four items are considered staples or must grow foods. They are high in both protein, and calories. That doesn’t mean you can’t grow your tomatoes, lettuce, etc.

What’s great about these staples is they don’t require near as much attention as some other garden foods. If you need to leave for a few days you don’t have to worry about losing your crop.

They don’t need near as much water as lettuce, carrots, tomatoes. Watch the video now to see the 4 foods that should be in your survival garden.


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