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3 Powerful DIY Weapons You Can Make When You Run Out Of Ammo

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We hope that things never get so bad that we have to resort to making our own weapons. However if there is a total collapse you’ll be prepared. In this post we will show you 3 DIY weapons you can make should the need arise. Some of these weapons are pretty lethal.

Below you will find 3 DIY weapons you can make at home. They are pretty powerful. Let us know which one you like best.


Joe Teti demonstrates step-by-step how to build a crossbow from bamboo in order to hunt in the wild.


#2-Building and Shooting the Slingshot Crossbow Pistol

#3-Black Pipe Shotgun

This is not absolutely a safe thing to do so don’t do it…
This homemade and BATF legal shotgun was made mostly from black pipe and black pipe grade fittings.

JB Weld was used to glue the components together. The breech plug is a press fit to the receiver pipe (JB welded into the receiver pipe) and supported by a spacer made from black pipe (also JB Welded in).

The black pipe reducer fitting supports the spacer and is JB Welded to the receiver pipe. The butt stock pipe is JB Welded to the reducer fitting. All of the pipe thread joints were tightened with pipe wrenches when they were JB Welded.



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