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How To Make A Razor Sharp Survival Knife By Hand. You’ve Got To See The Razor Sharpness Demo

The Method of the day for Survivalists:

If you’ve ever wanted to make a survival knife you’re going to love this post. You’re going to get step by step instructions to on how make your own survival knife by hand complete with resources to help you through the process. As explained in the following video you should learn to make your first knife by hand.

One survivalist who is a blacksmith has forged quite a few knives stated that the knife you’ll be making can compete with anything he has forged. The rustic nature of the knife shown in the video has a few tool marks which gives the knife some personality, and character. This knife’s main purpose is functionality.Demo

The knife is razor sharp. You’ll be surprised how sharp it is when the guy in the video demonstrates its literal razor sharpness. This is a very strong knife as well. If you follow through and make your own knife please submit your finished knife on our Facebook Page.

This video is a compilation showing the steps used to make a survival knife by hand. We’ve added some resource links below the video to get you going.

These resource links will help get you started in making your survival knife.


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