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Easy Way To Beat Summer Heat With This Simple To Make DIY Air Conditioner

The Method of the day for Survivalists:

With this easy to make do it yourself air conditioner you can beat the coming Summer heat, and drastically cut down on your electric bill. This air conditioner works extremely well, and only costs around $30 to make.

You’ll save hundreds of dollars in your electric bill as this only uses about 50 watts which is less than a light bulb. We think you’ll really like this DIY air conditioner.

This AC will chill down a good size room, work shop, etc. To make this DIY air conditioner you will need:  a fan, copper tubing, clear tubing. small fountain pump (158gph) and ice water.

Total cost around $30 assuming you have a fan. This can also be run off a solar panel available at Harbor Freight (Google it) should your power go out, or just plug it in to a wall socket. The video will show you all the details. Below the video we’ve included links to 2 other very popular DIY air conditioners


Other DIY Air Conditioners You Can Make At Home:

How To Make A $454 Homemade Air Conditioner For About $15. This Is Totally Awesome, And So Easy To Make!


You’ll Be Incredibly Surprised At How Cool This DIY Poor Mans Air Conditioner Will Keep Your Car, Camper, Tent, Or Room. Step By Step Instructions And Proof That It Works!



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