Amazing $300 Walipini Greenhouse Let’s You Grow Year Round

If you live in the colder areas of the world and maintain a survival garden, or just enjoy gardening in general you’re well aware that when the cold hits the growing season ends. Unless that is you use a greenhouse, or something similiar. Greenhouses while a good option are expensive to heat, and construct.

If you are not familiar the Aymara Indian “walipini” you will be pleasantly surprised. Walipini means a place of warmth, and it certainly is. Compared to a greenhouse it is much less expensive, and a great alternative as well. Also know as an underground, or pit greenhouse it was first designed in the South American cold mountain regions.

This system gives growers the opportunity to keep a thriving garden all year even in very cold weather. Make sure to watch the video at the bottom of this page for a tour of a working walipini.

This earth-sheltered greenhouse taps into the thermal mass of the earth, so that much less energy is needed to heat up the walipini’s interior than an above ground greenhouse. Of course, there are precautions to take in waterproofing, drainage and ventilating the walipini, while aligning it properly to the sun — which the manual covers in detail.

Best of all, according to the Benson Institute, their 20-foot by 74-foot walipni field model out in La Paz cost around $250 to $300 only, thanks to the use of free labour provided by owners and neighbors, and the use of cheaper materials like plastic ultraviolet (UV) protective sheeting and PVC piping.

Cheap but effective, the underground greenhouse is a great way for growers to produce food year-round in colder climates. More over at the Benson Institute and the Pure Energy Systems Wiki.  Source: Tree

You also have the option to scale this down if you don’t have a lot of space to work with. Make sure to catch the video below.

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