Dentist Reveals How You Can Instantly Stop A Toothache At Home…It’s Fast, And It Works!

Having a toothache is a miserable experience, it can lay you out. If you’re in a survival situation, or don’t have access to your Dentist, this method to stop a toothache instantly will tide you over until you can. This method works fast.

Below the video we’ve included 10 home remedies  to stop a toothache in case you don’t have access to some of the items mentioned in the video. Do yourself a favor and watch the video and be prepared before you get a toothache. Please help others by sharing this.

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21 Home Remedies For That Aching Tooth

  1. Salt Water: Mix a heaping tablespoon full of salt in a small glass of warm water; swirl around inside your mouth for as long as you can, spit out. Repeat as needed.

  2. Hydrogen Peroxide: Swoosh a bit of hydrogen peroxide. If the taste is too horrid for you, try diluting with a bit of water.

  3. Alcohol: Swoosh a bit of whiskey, scotch, brandy or vodka. A strong mouthwash that contains alcohol will do the trick too.

  4. Vanilla Extract: Saturate a cotton ball with vanilla and hold in place. Can also use a cotton swab dipped in extract. Other extracts that have the same effect are: Almond Extract Peppermint Extract & Lemon Extract

  5. Tea Tree Oil: Just a drop or two will do the trick. You can also add some to a cotton swab and hold in place or add a few drops of tea tree oil to a small glass of lukewarm to warm water and rinse your mouth with it.

  6. Oil Of Oregano: Mix a few drops with a bit of olive oil, then saturate a cotton ball with mixture. Can replace the olive oil with lukewarm water if preferred.

  7. Apple Cider Vinegar: Soak a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar (ACV) and hold it in place. Can also try regular household vinegar.

  8. Ginger Root: Take a fresh piece of ginger and chew it a bit.

  9. Garlic: Take a clove of garlic, smash it and apply (settle it inside cheek). You can also mash some garlic with salt.

  10. Peppermint Leaves: Chew on fresh peppermint leaves. You can also dried leaves, just hold them in place.

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