DIY Popcorn Maker For Your Next Camping Trip

This is one of cleverest ideas we’ve seen for camping. Sure there are many different ways to make popcorn while camping, but they are not quite as fun as this. Part of the fun in camping is coming up with new and interesting ways to do things.

This video will show you a creative way to make popcorn. Make sure to read the article below for some great ideas on how to make great tasting popcorn.


 Tips For Making Great Tasting Popcorn

You did it. You went out and bought a popcorn machine. No more of that overpriced microwave popcorn that is always getting burned, and really doesn’t taste that good when it doesn’t.

You get the machine assembled, and are drooling in anticipation of that first batch of theater tasting popcorn. And gag – the microwave stuff is better. Well, what did you expect when you used some old discount brand of popcorn that you popped in vegetable oil, and then finished off with table salt?

Here are some tips for making great tasting popcorn from your home popcorn machine.

Great Tasting Popcorn Tip – Get The Right Popcorn

Be sure that you are purchasing high quality popcorn that is fresh, and that it is kept well sealed and dry. it does make a difference, and certainly this isn’t the place to cutback – the higher quality corn will pop bigger and give fewer kernels that remain unpopped. it is best not to buy or store popcorn kernels in paper bags – it will be too easy for moisture from humidity to get into it, and then it won’t pop well. Purchase your popcorn in plastic, and then you can keep it in glass jars.

Great Tasting Popcorn Tip – Use The Right Oil

You want great tasting popcorn – it’s all about the oil. The theaters use coconut oil to get that slightly sweet taste and smell. Unfortunately, this is a place where home popcorn machine users make an allowance due to health concerns, because coconut oil has a high level of saturated fat. However, this is not the same as the trans fatty acids that you get from fast foods or hydrogenated oils. These are the real health concerns.

So, this is something that you can look at further, but there are recent scientific studies that show many health benefits from coconut oil, and it may even be useful in losing weight. Extra virgin coconut oil will retain its nutritional characteristics at very high temperatures, which is something that even extra virgin olive oil can’t do as well.

Do some more research on this; you may be surprised at what you find. If your decision has nothing to do with health, then use coconut oil in your popcorn machine.

And use the lowest amount of oil that is recommended by your popcorn machine manufacturer. Using more oil is not going to make better popcorn. You are making the popcorn wetter both from the additional liquid and from more steam from cooking – the result of this can make soggy popcorn that is also going to be less healthy.

Great Tasting Popcorn Tip – Use The Right Salt

The easiest thing to do is to put your salt in with your oil. This will allow for the salt to be spread most evenly over the popcorn. However, this can also be a big problem if you use too much salt, and the whole batch comes out tasting to salty.

If you are going to salt your popcorn after it is finished, then the type of salt you use makes a big difference. You don’t want to use table salt – use salt that has been crushed and that is very powdery. This will allow for the popcorn to be covered far more evenly and completely.

More Making Great Tasting Popcorn Tips

Keep your kettle clean. If you don’t oil will build up and turn black, which will make your popcorn look unappealing, as well as not tasting near as good as it should.

When adding your oil and kernels to the kettle, especially if you are using combination bags, put the oil in first. This will ensure that the oil gets to the bottom and will be mixed through the kernels more evenly, which help keep your popcorn from being stuck together.

Use the right amount of popcorn for the size of the kettle in your popcorn machine. I have heard a number of people say that it is OK to use 6 ounces in a 4 ounce popper. I don’t think that the kernels really pop as well. Chances are this is because the smaller kettle popcorn machines also have less wattage. Regardless, there is a reason for why it is called a 4 ounce kettle.

Listen for the sound coming from the popping corn, and when you can’t hear any more popping turn off the machine, and empty out any finished popcorn that is still in the kettle. If you don’t do this, you will end up getting burned popcorn.

It is recommended to make your popcorn with the popcorn machine door slightly open – obviously you will want to watch for popcorn getting out. And when the popping has finished, open the door completely. The reason for doing this is to allow the moisture inside the machine to get out and keeping the popcorn dry. Letting your popcorn absorb this moisture is a big reason for your popcorn being soggy or chewy.

And when your great tasting popcorn is finished, try to restrain yourself for just a few more minutes. If you will let it sit with the door open instead of immediately eating it, you are going to let it dry out further, and this will allow for maximum fluffiness and crispier popcorn.

Now eat and enjoy great tasting popcorn from your popcorn machine – aren’t you glad you didn’t throw the thing out after that first batch:)

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