How To Build A Strong Low Cost Earthbag Survival Fortress

Using earth bags to build a survival fortress, off grid hideaway, or home allows you quite a bit of flexibility and is a very affordable way to build.

The system demonstrated here was designed with the goal of making am earth bag home that would be able to withstand an earthquake.

These homes are very good in stopping the most common caliber bullets if you are thinking of using one of these as a survival fortress.

The video does a really good job of showing you what’s possible using these low cost earth bags to make a home. This video DOES NOT show the completed home.

We have included a second video at the bottom of the page that shows a completed earth bag home. Here’s what some viewers had to say about the first video.

Skip M
“maybe a bunker, sand is really good at absorbing energy when your being fired on. 😉 , Ok now ya got me thinking again, dam it. Got some land that maybe I should build one of these on. All I needed was more work, thanks!”


“Wow. We were just talking about doing this, thank you SO much for the vid! Are there any DVD’s or books you recommend above others? Thanks for your video and I’d appreciate any help you can give me.”


Amazing, after so much efforts put in this project, I hope you won’t get taken off your piece of land.Thanks for your videos



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