How To Make Fire In Pouring Rain...Very Useful And Underestimated Bushcraft Skill - The Good Survivalist

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How To Make Fire In Pouring Rain…Very Useful And Underestimated Bushcraft Skill

The Method of the day for Survivalists:

Making a good fire in the rain is a challenge to say the least. It is for certain a skill that many take for granted. Trying to make a fire in the pouring rain is something even the most experienced of preppers, and survivalist can struggle with.

In this very well done video an experienced bushcrafter shows you how to get a good fire going in the pouring rain. Hats off to this bushcrafter for making this video.


As you’ll discover he didn’t choose a light rain to demonstrate his skill. It’s coming down like cats, and dogs. This one is well worth your time to check out.

“Watch The Video Below Now To See The Survival Things We Lost To History”

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  1. Great Video. That guy did a great job. Just to let you know, Google has reported this an attack website. I ignored them trusting your site more than I’ll ever trust google.

    1. Thank you so much, we really appreciate your support.
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