How To Survive A Winter Night In A Snowstorm...Bushcraft Style. This Is Quite Unique! - The Good Survivalist

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How To Survive A Winter Night In A Snowstorm…Bushcraft Style. This Is Quite Unique!

The Method of the day for Survivalists:

Trying to survive a winter night in snowstorm is a tough proposition. How to do so is demonstrated quite well in this video. We’ll tell you up front there are no verbal directions. The bushcrafter who did this video did such a good job demonstrating that spoken directions were not needed.

In making this video the bushcrafter went into the bush during a pretty strong snow storm that was supposed to stop early in the day. It didn’t, so he decided to make himself a quickie shelter, and fire.

Here’s a few comments by people who’ve seen this video:


“Best video I’ve seen! The part I liked the most was the narration, only mother nature. If a person needs step by step verbal directions, in my opinion they need more help than a video can provide. Excellent step by step instruction, thank you!”


“Thank you, Sir  Appreciated the quiet time through your video. Get things done before darkness sets in. Shelter built, wood cut and a fire going. Well Done!!”


You know you’ve done a great job if you don’t have to use your voice to explain what you are doing


“Dude never even thought about excess branch’s for a pillow filler (that is if that was the plan) Awsome vid man keep doing them.” Source

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