5 Most Devastating Strikes In a Street Fight That Anyone Can Use.


The best way to handle a street fight is to avoid it. However there may be a time where you have to protect yourself, family member, or friend.

Should it come down to that you want to be prepared. These 5 devastating strikes will get you going in the right direction.

When it comes to self-defense in close quarters, you want to finish the street fight fast, using the strongest possible strikes.

If you do it properly, you will be able to overpower your opponent quickly and effectively. Nick talks about 5 of his favorite strikes:

  1. Headbutt – perfect for a surprise attack, very quick and painful for the opponent.
  2. Hammer fist – unexpected and devastating, very powerful even if you use small range of motion.
  3. Elbowing – up-close and personal, as well as very fast. Small striking surface is perfect for power.
  4. Double-palm strike – can be used to gain distance and even knock your attacker out completely.
  5. Knee strike – very painful and very damaging, but can be blocked easily. Use with caution.

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