Awesome $150 Natural Built Cordwood Roundhouse. Real Off Grid Living At It’s Best!

We think this natural built cord wood roundhouse for off grid living is just awesome. And at a cost of $150 it’s hard to disagree.

This Roundhouse is an eco home of wood frame, cob wood and recycled window walls, straw-insulated turf roof; with solar power and wind turbine for electricity, compost toilet and reed beds for grey water.

If you really want to live off grid, this is as good as we’ve seen so far. Take a tour of this beauty by watching the video now. This is epic!


Off Grid Living – What is it Really Like?

If you imagine off grid living to be completely peaceful and without the stress and strains of every day life as you know it now, you may be quite surprised to find out what it is really like. The idea that self-sufficiency means less hassle and less work or that you live out in the woods in total contentment is common, but it is not reality for most people living this lifestyle.

You have to first consider that most people do not just install a solar system and go off grid overnight. Renewable energy is extremely expensive still if you wish to purchase it outright, which prevents many people from going off grid right away. Most people will build up their system over time and will live ordinary lives while remaining only partially dependent on their solar systems.

As solar power and even wind mills become less expensive and more efficient, they are drawing more attention from every day people. You might not have neighbors around you with solar panels on their roofs or wind mills turning beside their homes, but you could in the near future. Many people are drawn to it for financial concerns, while others have an overly-imaginative idea of what living off the grid is really all about.

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The truth is, to really live off the grid you have to do more than get solar power or install a solar shingled roof. This term ultimately refers to self-sufficiency where you rely upon yourself for all of your needs. That includes not only electricity, but water and other resources as well.

Living a self-sufficient life means you have to have more water and power than you actually use. You suddenly realize the real value of a dollar, of a drop of water, or of a single day’s worth of electricity. Most people who are off the grid do not have unlimited supply of power, so they have to conserve energy to stay within the means of their system. This means you have to know what you are using and what your system can produce.

While most people cannot afford to go off grid immediately, even fewer people can afford to continue with their same lifestyle patterns and purchase a system to cover all their needs. This means you will ultimately have to adjust your lifestyle some if you want to be 100% off the grid in the future.

Most people do not give up their life totally to go live in the woods completely self-sufficient. Imagine what you would have to give up to do something like that! That simply is not what going off grid is about for many people. Those who are striving toward this lifestyle are every day people who want to cut their expenses, free up some cash, and or help the environment and typically don’t live out in the woods.

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