DIY Top Secret Plastic Bottle Safe…This Is The Most Unique, And Clever Design For A Homemade Safe We’ve Ever Seen


We’ve seen all kinds of DIY/homemade safes. They all work great. However this is the best do it yourself safe that we have ever seen!

What we really like is that it is very easy to make, and you don’t need any special tools (just scissors). As you’ll see in the video the results are simply amazing. Follow the easy directions and you’ll have your safe in no time flat.

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  • Richard

    Very sweet hack. You can make it even more convincing if when you make the top half you use an unopened bottle. You need two bottles anyways. Turn the unopened bottle up side down and cut a section of the very bottom off. When making the top half do the steps in reverse, this will leave the cap untouched for a more convincing look of nothing more than a real untouched drink.

  • richard

    As a stash,beter hope the looters ain’t thirsty,lol.but as a defense,now this can be a perfect option in a looter this would most likely be a very tempting target,it would have most certainly a 100% success rate at ending would be looters.a subject in tempted to post later,boobie traps in a grid down and looters on the ground situation would be highy the goal would be to steal supplies in a hurry,they wont pay much attention to detail.good vid

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