Homemade Earth Battery. How To Get Power Directly From Mother Earth To Power Your Clocks/Watches/Calcs/LED Lights, And More


Homemade Earth Battery

Here’s how to make a “DIY “Earth Battery“. The  Earth Battery is simple to make,  and will produce enough power to run a variety of things such as Lcd clocks, watches, pedometers, calculators, LED lighting and more. Here’s what you’ll need to make your earth battery:

Copper wire (from old extension cord etc.)

Several small bolts (screws or nails can also be used)

Ice cube tray


That’s all you need to make a quick and easy battery. The battery works best if it’s made with moist dirt/soil. Tip: Every few days the dirt will “dry out” and the voltage will drop.

TO RECHARGE THE BATTERY simply add 1 or 2 teaspoons of water to each “cell” and the battery will be “recharged”. To get more voltage make more than 1 battery and connect them together.

Note: Try to use “galvanized” bolts, screws or nails. They will work the best. In this video is footage of a bigger outdoor “single cell” homemade earth battery. It was made using a 2′ long piece of copper pipe and a large foot long nail.



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    • Darrell

      my guess is that current passes from the negative plate to the positive plate, depositing a layer of zinc on the copper. the more acidic the soil the better the results.

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