Increase Gas Mileage To Double With These Simple Tips…Proof That They Work.


Using these tips you really can greatly increase gas mileage. Alright we can hear some of you screaming already “it’s impossible to double your gas mileage by that much”. We were skeptical as well at first, but after doing some research we found several sources that showed it can be done, and it’s very easy, and cheap to do.

There is no technical wizardry to perform. Will YOU be able to double your gas mileage? It is possible, but even if it doesn’t double it would you be happy with 5, or 10 miles per gallon more?  People have commented that it indeed did work for them. Here’s what one person said:

YeOldeScience I get 26mpg in my Ford e-250 cargo van. They’re supposed to get about 15mpg. It does work. I’ve been doing it for 2 years solid now. I’ve tested it on many long drives. Source


If you are not sure about any of the tips don’t use them, or check with a mechanic. Most everyone who tries these tips should see some decent mileage improvements.

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Four of the Top Ways to Increase Gas Mileage in Your Vehicle

Here are four things that are great ways to increase gas mileage in your vehicle.

Ways to Increase Gas Mileage: Idea #1- Get an Oil Change

The oil in your vehicle has two main functions. It acts as a lubricant for the moving parts of your engine. It also helps to move the heat away from these parts that is caused by friction within the engine.

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When your oil gets older and breaks down it will not be able to function properly, which can lead to your engine having to work more. This takes for fuel to do.
You should change your oil regularly. Look to your manufacturer’s recommendations for advice on when to change your oil.

Ways to Increase Gas Mileage: Idea #2 – Air Filter Change

An air filter is pretty easy to understand. Think of it as a snorkel. If you are using a snorkel as you go snorkeling it is your only air source. You want it to be clean so you can easily get the air. If it is clogged then you won’t be able to get the air that your body needs to function.

The air filter of a vehicle is like a snorkel. When it is clogged up and dirty your car can’t breathe and has to work harder, which you already know means it uses more energy or fuel.

You should be cleaning your air filter every other time you fill up your gas tank. Your manufacturer recommendations should tell you when to replace it.

Ways to Increase Gas Mileage: Idea #3 – Watch the Tire Pressure

Only a small patch of your tire’s rubber touches the road as you drive. That small patch of rubber is the only thing between your car and the road.

The design of your vehicle was so it was made to operate at maximum efficiency when the tire pressure in each tire is at optimum PSI. The PSI level is noted on the side of a tire.

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If a tire does not have enough air then too much rubber comes in contact with the road. Your engine has to work harder to push that rubber down. You not only use more fuel, but your tires wear out faster.

Check your tire pressure often. Doing so every other fill up is a good idea. Inflate to the recommended level and keep them there.

Ways to Increase Gas Mileage: Idea #4 – Check Sensors for Proper Operation

Today’s vehicles use a number of different sensors to help it operate. The sensors communicate to the computer in the vehicle about the operation of each system. The computer makes adjustments accordingly to help your vehicle operate efficiently.

If a sensor is not working properly then the computer can’t make the necessary adjustments. The most common senor to fail is the oxygen sensor.

The oxygen sensor tells how much fuel and air are in the exhaust gases. The computer will use this information to know how much fuel to inject into the combustion chamber.

If the oxygen sensor is not operating correctly then too much or too little gas is released. This can cause excessive fuel usage and an engine that runs rough.

You should have service done on your vehicle regularly to ensure that all sensors are working correctly.

If you have an extended warranty or service contract on your vehicle then sensors should be covered.

Your vehicle is a large investment. For most people it is the largest investment next to their home. You want o take care of it.

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Every vehicle is made to operate efficiently, but only if it is maintained properly. You have to remember this when you are thinking about ways to increase gas mileage.

Don’t put off your tune-up. It could help save you big money at the gas pump.

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