How To Make Your Home Generator Whisper Quiet.


If the grid goes down, or your power goes out you can turn to your trusty generator. Problem is they are so loud that everyone in your neighborhood knows you are using it.

If your neighbors know it, so will those who you don’t want coming around will know it as well.


Picture this scenario …
There has been a catastrophic breakdown of elecricity and all the normal
essentials of everyday life have disappeared.
There’s no electricity or water supplies and the food and medicines in your
local stores has run out.
It’s every man (and woman) for themselves.
Fortunately, you’ve been smart and stockpiled food, medicines and other

And you have your own generator, so you are well placed to ride out the
crisis – except for this one FATAL FLAW ….
Your foresight now makes you a MAGNET for all those folks who haven’t
bothered to prepare for this eventuality. And, because they aren’t prepared,
they run out of food very quickly and are forced to go searching for some.
So it won’t be very long before they hear the unmistakable sound of your
power generator.

And that will draw them to you like bees to honey. And, crazed with hunger,
these particular bees could sting you very hard – even kill you and your

So now is the time to correct that fatal flaw in your battle plan and muffle
your generator so it’s whisper-quiet.
The problem is the muffler that comes with your generator – particularly if
you’ve had the generator for some time – is very inefficient. So the solution
would be to replace the small generator muffler with a larger car muffler, as
shown in the video I attached below.

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Of course, current generators tend to be a lot quieter as well as far more fuel
efficient. For example, despite all his ingenuity, the guy in the video only
managed to drop the noise level of his old generator down from 95 decibels
to 85 decibels, whereas this new generator is a mere 79 decibels …

So now is the time to correct that fatal flaw in your battle plan, because – as
hard as you might try – the Law of Physics won’t allow you to have a
completely silent generator as long as you rely on old fashioned technology
that works by crudely causing a series of explosions to create motion.
Instead, make this the perfect moment when you step up to 21 st century
technology and kiss goodbye to filling your generator with messy gasoline
with all the headaches of having to guess how much you should store to see
you through any disaster that might arise.
I’m sure you’ll agree with me that the future is free ultra-clean electricity
generated SILENTLY from sunlight.
And – being totally silent – it immediately solves your problem of being a
sitting target for gangs of hungry looters.

And it does much, MUCH more …
Because this engineering triumph is remarkably efficient, producing a
continuous 1,500 watts of silent, clean and FREE electricity. Nor does it need
direct sunlight to work – you can even use it indoors.

And 1,500 continuous watts is enough to power lights, your computer, TV or
charge your cell phone. In fact, you could run a small, well insulated freezer
or even a vital medical device that requires power 24/7.
What’s more, there’s nothing to install.
In fact, the rig is completely portable – which is another massive advantage
for you.
So, should you have to vacate your property for any reason, you can take it
with you!

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Contrast that with your current gas-powered generator, because you’d not
only need to take up valuable space for it on your vehicle, you would also
have to accommodate as many cans of gasoline as you dare take.
So you also save on the cost of gas – even if you could get what you need in
a crisis, because gasoline would be one of the first commodities to run out.
Remember, gas stations need electricity to pump that gas and even if they
can still pump gas, you can bet the price will have leapt skyward!
So being smart and switching to silent, free, reliable portable solar power
right now this is one of the most sensible and vital preparations you can
make, for the upcoming storm – whether man-made or natural.
And it is an investment that will repay you handsomely both in times of
peace, when you go on vacation off-grid into the wilderness, or staying at
home in times of trouble, such as electro-magnet or cyber attack knocking
out the electricity grid or hurricane, flood or earthquake.
Right now, you might think a cyber attack that knocks out our precious grid is
wild speculation. But that’s only because you don’t realize our utilities suffer
thousands of cyber attacks DAILY!
In fact one utility reports they have experienced as many as 10,000 such
attacks in a single day.
And it only takes one attack to succeed for the grid to be fatally compromised
– perhaps for days or even months!

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So don’t risk your future wellbeing or that of your loved ones a minute longer,
for this very good reason …
Because there’s never been a better time to [step up to the 21 st century way
of enjoying totally portable FREE power – right now – while the regular
investment is SLASHED IN HALF as you can see here. 
And if you’re still in two minds, here’s what delighted customer Duane says:
“I feel I have done as much as I can to take care of my family and the
Partriot solar generator was the one prep item I needed to truly sleep better!”
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Take a look at this great infographic:

How to Choose the Right Home Power Generator

From Visually.



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