NEW DIY Flower Pot Heater That Doubles As A Piece Of Art. This Works Great And Costs Just 4 Cents An Hour To Run - The Good Survivalist

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NEW DIY Flower Pot Heater That Doubles As A Piece Of Art. This Works Great And Costs Just 4 Cents An Hour To Run


The Method of the day for Survivalists:


These flower pot heaters are all over the Internet. Most of them give limited resuts, they look horrible, and some are dangerous. WE LOVE THIS FLOWER POT HEATER. This is brand NEW, and we think you’ll really like them as well.

Unlike those other heaters this one works really well, and even looks like a piece of artwork. Winter is just around the corner, and this flower pot heater will help keep you warm, and your heating cots down, as it only costs 4 cents per hour to run.

Make several of them for different rooms, or make some as a thoughtful gift. Watch the video for the simple directions. We also added some addition notes below the video.

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Video Notes:

– COST: Costs mentioned in the video are base on Australian prices for Ikea candles – The may be cheaper/more expensive elsewhere

– TIME: It takes about and hour to make a noticeable difference on overall room temperature. But sitting next to it makes a huge difference. e.g. if you’re working at your desk, sit it next to you

– MODIFICATIONS: The version shown in the video doesn’t have any holes in the the top for the warm air to escape like many others on shown Youtube do. I have tried both configurations and my conclusion is that both options work well, but have slightly different applications
— No holes version gets hotter and therefore is better if you are sitting next to it as you get more radiant heat
— With holes version lets some of the hot air escape out the top and therefore fills the room with hot air, and is thus better for heating a larger area.



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