5 Foods That Are Dangerous To Can At Home

5 Foods That Are Dangerous To Can At Home

If you’re trying to preserve food at home using a home canner is certainly a good way to do it. Even though a home canner may save you money, and help stockpile food for your storage program, not all foods should be canned.

In fact some of them could be downright deadly if you can them. Some types of fruits, and vegetables are suitable for canning. Because home canners can not reach a high enough temperature foods that are oily, or have a lot of fat in them should not be canned.

To can those type of foods you need items such as additives, preservatives and processing equipment that only a commercial cannery can provide.

Before we get to the list we want you to know that this is for the person that does not have a lot of canning experience. Some of the foods on the list may be canned if you have the right equipment, and experience. Here’s the list of 5 Foods That Are Dangerous To Can At Home

Foods you should not canMilk, or items containing milk, aren’t recommended for home-canning.

Milk has a low-acid level and supports an environment which fosters botulism growth at room temperature.

Many times, the fat in milk can also protect botulism spores during the canning process.

With the high density and fat content, lard is just not a good item to can.

The fatness and density won’t allow the heat of the canning process to penetrate the contents, allowing the food to house spores and other harmful bacteria.

3-Refried Beans
There are some recipes out there for canning refried beans but they can be dangerous. The thickness of the refried beans is too much for the heat to penetrate the interior of the bottle. You might be better off getting dehydrated refried beans instead.

4-Pickled Eggs
Once again, density is a problem with canning pickled eggs. The skin of the egg is a little too much for your home canner to handle.

5-Butter or Cream
Like milk, butter or cream items, are not recommended for home canning. The amount of heat required for dairy items to be canned correctly would actually make the foods inedible. It’s not recommended that you can any items with dairy at home.

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