20 Clever Survival Uses For Wire Coat Hangers

Good preppers, and survivalists are able to take ordinary every days items a figure out a new way to use that item.

In a disaster you may get separated from your survival gear and have nothing but your brain to rely on.

In this post we have 20 different ways that you can use a wire coat hanger for survival, and non survival purposes. Some of them are pretty clever.

The video will show you all 20 ways a clothes hanger can be used for survival purposes. We listed all 20 below the video, but make sure to see the video which shows all 20 in action.

Video: Survival Uses For Wire Coat Hangers

1-Belt/Strap Keeper
2-Camp bottle Hanger
3-Guy Wire Anchors
4-S Hooks
6-Camp Hat Hook
7-Clothes Hanger
8-Drain Retrieval Hook
9-Hard to reach Retrieval hook
10-Safety Pin
12-Key Ring
13-Paper Clip
14-Marshmallow / Hot Dog Hanger
15-String Retriever
16-M1938 Hook
17-Slim Jim/ Locked Car Keys
18-Porch Hanger
19-Penny Stove Stand
20-Tent Pegs


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