AR15 vs Double Barrel Shotgun: Which One Is Best For Home Defense?


It’s been suggested many times to just get a double barrel shotgun for home defense. We feel it at least deserves, some discussion, and demonstration. Many times it has been touted a being “way better” than the AR15 for home defense.

Some people feel the AR 15 might be little overkill for home defense. However if someone breaks into your home with a gun, or knife is that really going to be a concern? This video makes some pretty good points as to whether the AR 15, or double barrel shotgun is better for home defense. What do you think?

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  • richard

    Personally its depends on the type of bet is own both,use the ar15 out side and the shoty inside.but then it depends on the person.shotguns are an animal of a difrant breed entirely and some knowlage is needed.i prefer the 12 guage due to .308 semi auto rifle will pick off intruders out side with ease,but the ar15(though I would opt for ak-47,so I only have to buy one bullet for it and my rifle)will shine when the enimy is close and in large other words it is a tool with a job,that works in a set situation.know your situations you could face and buy a gun to cover the bill.

  • richard

    I will say some modifications will be needed on a shot gun.a double berral is perfect because you can cut the berrals down.sawed off basicly.this makes it less awkward to use in the house.and folks,there is such a thing as holographic one.they are perfect for this situation.small and not at all bulky like a scope,and you use it Sam as the good old iron just makes it easier to get on target in a split second shot.and you can get a shell called a twelve guage mini.halve the powder and half the shot,it lets you be able to shoot with one pistol grip on the now sawed off can be you got a bear pistol.use wax loads and your accuracy and range will greatly improve.i made some nice 100 yard shots with wax loads,(with a factory pump action,no mods)and when they hit,its game over.they are known as breaching rounds.they hit like a greyhound bus.even if you got a vest,the energy transfered will put you down.deer slugs are an easy rout out,for those that don’t want to void warranty’s lol.mainly those that don’t hand load will find slugs a good option.get a core locked hollow point.may be hard to find but those are worth the coin.they will hit like an artillery piece.ar15,lets face it.its an assault rifle.they make tons of difrant kinds,and to each their own.but they all do the same job.get the one right for I prefer anything that shoots 7.62×51 NATO rounds.because my .308 can shoot them too.just a minimal difrance I ballistics and wont make a difrance unless I’m making a 2000 yard shot.and its a bullet I have used most my life.others may use difrant kinds and as long as it works then do what you do.

  • richard

    As a final note,the at 15 is a damn good problems ther.but at an average of 3,500$ a pop,its not a cheap firearm.if I had that cash ill just buy a semi auto chambered for a 7.82 warbird.assumeing I could afford the ammo.and that bullet is between 4-6$ a round.7.62 NATO is sometimes found at around 40 cents a round.and they are both in the same calliber family and will be similer.warbirds are superior but still pretty close.if you own it I give you props.i don’t have that kinda coin.if I did maby.if I could get a 22 inch barrel defanatly.i don’t need full auto.semi auto is my sweet spot.i prefer controlled shots that never miss.but id turn it into a sniper rifle instead of an assault rifle so I don’t know lol.

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