Here’s An Amazing Bug Out, Or Survival Home That Makes A Whole Lot Of Sense For Many Of Us. It’s No Surprise They’re Becoming Very Popular.

These amazing survival, or bug out homes were designed as replacement homes for the earthquake that hit Haiti a few years back. We think they would be perfect as a home to bug out to, or even a wilderness cabin.

Known as a SafeT Home, it is made by a company that that produces farm equipment, and grain silos. It has doors, windows, and is 8 feet high by 18 feet in diameter. It also has a built in water catchment. They would be fairly easy to build yourself if you didn’t want to buy one. This survival home makes a whole lot of sense.

According to the company that makes them:

Sukup Safe T HomesTM are engineered structures that are suitable for all phases of recovery effort. They are quick and easy to construct, making them ideal for emergency situations.

The all-steel construction makes the Sukup Safe T Home perfect for longer-term use, since they are weather-, fire- and termite-proof. They are also movable, making them well suited to transitional shelter needs.

The round shape of the Safe T Home allows the unit to withstand high winds. They are also virtually earthquake-proof.

Watch the video, and take a peek inside. What do you think about these as a survival home? The price we are told to buy one of these is around $5700. You can see more info about these Safe T Homes at

Video: Survival Home

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    • Steve

      Buckminster Fuller designed this in the 1930s or 40s, to provide cheap housing that could be very comfortable and be made quite stylish
      Each unit is a section of silo (it’s how you build silos, in sections like this)
      They are insulated with poly urithane spray insulation after writing, windows, plumbing etc.
      Several units can be linked by breeze ways or arched hall ways.
      They are heavy steel, and with the insulation. Are pretty bullet proof.
      NB: until fully hardened, poly urithane is very flammable and gives off formaldehyde has while curing.
      You may want other insulation material, but PU is durable, very insulated, ready to install, and inexpensive. Your dogs is probably made of this stuffing.

  • mawmaw

    Smoked or baked so funny lol. First thing I thought of its not bullet proof. Just a quick walk around with a semi automatic and building is now not only well ventilated but completely cleared of any occupants. Not my choice for a survives anything shelter..lolol

  • akagoldminer

    A few comments about the insulation and protection from bullets is easily remedied with a layer or two of sand bags either inside or outside to add insulation and protection from small arms fire.

  • The scooter

    It looks like a horrid idea for zombies. You never bug in with the dead at your doorstep, gots to keep-a-movin

  • marco

    The idea is great, it can be painted to match your sorroundings, it’s self sustaining, and can also have subtarrain exits if your so worried about bullets or escaping from a not so provable zombie apocalipse.just add that solar panel and I’m sold to the idea.

  • Scott

    I also plan to us a grain bin but underground. Dig a round hole one ft larger in diameter and two ft deeper than the total heigh of the bin. Bolt up the first section and center in the hole. You should have six inch clearance between the dirt and steel sides. Lift up the sides and place several 4 inch blocks under the bottom lip of the bin. With the first ring of steel leveled in the hole, place 7 deep concrete in the hole so that the bottom 3 inches are encapsulated in concrete. After the floor is set you can bolt up the second ring of steel and then pour more concrete up the sides. Repeat until you have built up to the bottom of the roof ledge. Widen the hole to accommodate the roof. Bolt the roof on and then pour a low slump concrete on the roof to match the roof line. Cover with dirt and construct a a hidden entrance going through the top

  • Drake

    I have seen mobile homes(house trailers) ripped apart from the force of tornado winds. A large enough tornado can literally pick up an entire double-wide trailer and pull it apart in mid-air – I watched this happen once in Kansas. It appears to me that this thing is built using rivets and bolt to secure the metal panels, the bolts are far more secure, while the rivets can be less so, if a tornado hit it.

    Personally, I believe a tornado that hits this thing would rip the top right off it, and then shred the walls – if the tornado doesn’t pick it up entirely. I’d bury the thing to about one foot from the roof, make a set of access stairs with a second secure door, and re-enforce the side and roof with some square or round steel tubing that is welded to the walls and roof.

    NEVER, EVER underestimate the power of a tornado when your life is in question. They can pick up entire houses if they are large enough, and ‘throw’ debris as fast or faster than a handgun bullet. Being under ground is your BEST option for a safe-room during a tornado, hands down.

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