How To Convert A BB Gun Into A .22 Survival Pistol – Easy Modification

This tutorial will show you how to convert a BB Gun into a .22 survival pistol. Now the first question I can hear some of you asking is why would you want to do that? Or, why not just go out and buy a.22.

We don’t recommend doing this unless you really need to as it could be risky, however if you were in a survival situation/SHTF and you didn’t have a weapon this gives you an option.

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This is a real easy modification to do. If you do this please test fire your modified BB gun a minimum 5 times remotely before shooting it yourself as a safety precaution.

Watch the video to see the step by step instructions. You can get the 1/8″ pipe shown in the video at any plumbing store.

Video: How To Convert A BB Gun Into A .22 Survival Pistol

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  • Tony

    Fun to tinker,but not practical.Just get a better airpistol and you will be pinpoint accurate and as lethal or even more lethal.
    Game air pistols and rifles up to 50 Cal bullet (bullet head not the cartage or gun powder) 900 fps enough to hunt small game 50+lbs and drop the prey with one accurate shot dead in its tracks. Or use a crossbow or slingshot. All lethal without being a gun powder product as well as safer without the fear of potentially breaking the law.

  • Andrew Regular Joe

    I’m pretty sure this is Illegal unless you have a Class three License or Gunsmith background.

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