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How To Convert Your Generator To Natural Gas, Or Propane For $5

The Method of the day for Survivalists:

How To Convert Your Generator To Natural Gas, Or Propane.

Many people are converting their gas powered generators over to natural gas, and propane power. It makes sense when you consider the high price of gas.

In addition to price natural gas, and propane burn cleaner so it helps the environment. Making the conversion to propane, and natural gas can be done for about $5.

 We think it’s a great idea, and at $5 to make the conversion it’s a great idea as long as you follow the safety precautions mentioned in the video. The gentleman in the video has been running his generators for over 5 years with this conversion.

This video will show you a simple way convert your gasoline generators to run on natural gas. It will also work to convert to propane.

I have been running generators off of this method for about 5 years to run my off grid house. I usually add a safety valve to cut the gas flow when the electricity stops but this is the basic design.

I used a dishwasher water valve as a safety valve I just put it in the rubber line and hooked it up to the generators output power so when the engine quits the valve closes. I would recommend using the safety valve if you do this to your generator. Source

Video: Convert Generator To Natural Gas Or Propane

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  1. Thank you for the Video,more details would have helped,I am a retired US Marine Living in the Philippines and the power goes off almost daily,we have a 10,000watt generator and I want to convert to propane,the small 11KG bottles are the norm here like we use in the US For barbecue grills.