How To Hook Up A Generator To Your Electrical Panel The Proper Way.

As a prepper, or survivalist you already understand the importance of having a generator. Should a disaster strike, or your power goes down having a generator will save you a lot of grief.

Many people have generators, but have not taken the time to know how to hook them up the proper way the their electrical panels. That’s what you will learn how to do here.

The following videos will show you how a generator is connected to your house electrical panel. You will learn 2 different ways along with the importance of using a physical inter-locking device to protect you and the utility man.

See how to wire to much cheaper than a transfer switch. Watch both videos which will 2 ways to hook up your generator properly, and safely.

If you liked the above videos you’re really going to love the following video which will show you how to recondition old/dead batteries to like new condition. Works for ANY type of battery. Go ahead and watch the video now.

recondition batteries

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  • Grampa

    As an electrical contractor I must tell all that communities have their own rules and regulations that do include placement and noise limit requirements. others have requirements for the generator pad to secure them. Always get a set of requirements first and make sure you understand them. I have had some communities that use extra inspections as opportunity to make extra funds for the city. Unethical but legal.

  • Roger Mose

    Great advice. Many don’t know how to do this properly which can lead to electrical issues that can cause damage. Good advice from Grampa about knowing your areas requirements. You can always call on a professional as well if you get in over your head.

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