Stealth Bullet Bottles In Case You Need To Bug Out Fast

We love the ideas of these stealth bullet bottles. Having a good supply of ammo on hand might make you feel secure when you are dug in at home.

However should you have to bug out in a hurry you need plan to move your ammo. It would be beneficial to have a long term storage plan for your ammo as well as one that’s portable.

There are a bunch of options when it comes to carrying, and storing ammo, but it all comes down to these 3 important things.

It all comes down to these 3 things when storing your ammo:

1- the ammo must be kept dry

2- the ammo must be kept clean

3- the ammo must be quickly identified

Here we’ll take a look at some of your options for putting into play the 3 things mentioned above.

Military surplus ammo cans are a popular storage choice, but the survival water bottles to hold bullets-weight of a full metal ammo can is a significant drawback when going mobile.

And worse, the handles on the lightweight plastic ammo cans are notorious for breaking off just when you need them the most.

Another popular solution is to pour the ammo into clear, seal-able plastic bags. That solution scores the highest on light weight and identification, but turns in the lowest possible scores for durability.

Off The Shelf

Some ammo manufacturers are selling ammo sealed up like a can of survival bullet stash beans. For example Fiocchi makes a sealed “Canned Heat” of 100 rounds of 9mm, and Federal makes a “Fresh Fire Pack” sealed can of 325 x .22 long rifle bullets. The cans are purged of atmospheric air and filled with nitrogen preventing oxygen corrosion on bullets and primers, and both cans have key-open lids that rip off like a sardine can.

The factory sealed ammo cans are an excellent solution for a very narrow problem. But since the can is not hermetically resealable, the S really has to Hit the Fan before you want to break the seal. A better solution and one without the single-use disadvantage is as close as a water bottle away. A wide-mouth Nalgene lexan water bottle to be exact.

bullet bottle

The Bottle Basics

I was searching for a survival ammo storage solution that was shtf bullet storage durable, inexpensive, modular, lightweight, had visible contents, and provided unlimited shelf life. My choice was Nalgene lexan water bottles with large mouths. The two main sizes are 16 ounces and 32 ounces. After working with the bottles for a while, the advantages racked up beyond many other traditional ammo storage options.

Using plastic bottles to store ammo is nothing new, but in most other cases the bottle was the convenient novelty and not actually a well thought out component in the system. As evidence of the lack of foresight with other bottles, I offer the five-second rule. In five seconds or less, Can you empty the bottle of all .22 or pistol ammo. Soda bottle solutions are about as functional as a piggy bank. The fastest way to empty them is to slice them open with a knife. Not quite ideal in my book.

The Nalgene lexan bottles are extremely durable, transparent, impervious to temperature change, puncture resistant, reasonably heat resistant, watertight, and cheap. Further, they hold enough ammo to make a difference, but not so much as to be too heavy, bulky or fragile. And in my mildly scientific tests, I can empty a 16-ounce wide mouth bottle filled with .22 shells in four seconds.

A brand name bottle is important. No-name plastic bottles can contain VOCs or volatile organic compounds that are common in Chinese made plastics of undisclosed material.

The off-gassing inside a sealed plastic container can react with the contents so care is needed when selecting long term storage containers.

Lab-grade Lexan is fairly inert, but ironically the reason I have these bottles available for ammo storage is because they were rotated out of our drinking water bottle collection due to the possibility of BPA (Bisphenol-A) chemicals leaching into the water from the particular polycarbonate plastic used at that time.

As people convert their water bottles and other food storage containers to glass, stainless steel, polypropylene, and BPA-free polycarbonate, the older Lexan bottles are often donated to places like Goodwill so there should be a cheap source of such ammo storage at your local thrift shop.

Since the airtight seal of the lid is critical, shop carefully, and don’t forget that new bottles are still inexpensive.

Dry = Bang

To keep the ammo dry, a highly efficient desiccant such as silica gel is how to store ammo gunsthe best option. Although the small “Do not eat” packets that are so common in about everything purchased these days are a better-than-nothing choice, the even better choice is to use quality bulk silica gel, especially with color indicators of viability.

I buy silica gel by the pound from, a scientific supply company, but there are other quality sources including craft shops, auto parts stores, and of course with products such as the one quart bottle of ATD Tools replacement desiccant.

The reason I suggest avoiding the free packets is there is no standard for purity or even evidence that they are real. If you are going to count on your ammo in the future, don’t save a buck or two on the most important element in survival ammo preservation.

A popular emergency desiccant can be found in dry “Minute Rice,” but save that option emergencies. You need something you can count on for many years, not just a quick solution designed to prevent further damage to your iPhone after it took a swim in the toilet.

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