How To Easily Siphon Gas Without Using A Pump – Fast, Easy No Mess Method

Not long ago we did a post about how to siphon gas from a modern vehicle. The reason we did was in the newer model cars there is a flap that prevents you from putting a hose down into your tank.

However we thought is was important to to a prequel to that, and show you how to easily siphon gas from older cars without using a pump, and not get a mouthful of gas in the process.

This is a handy little skill to have. It’s easy, and will take you 55 seconds to learn it.Learning how to siphon gas from older cars without getting a mouthful of gas, and not having to use a pump is a skill that could help you out in a disaster, or survival situation.

Or even if you need a little extra gas to power up you lawnmower, chainsaw, etc. Watch the video to see how to do it. It will take all of 55 seconds.


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