How To Make A Long Bow Survival Bow In 90 Minutes. Shoots Great Up To 25 Yards

If you want to make a long bow survival bow you’re going to love this version. The bow shoots great up to 25 yards, and will penetrate about 7 inches into your target.

This makes it ideal for hunting elk, or deer in a survival situation. This is an outstanding DIY survival bow, and you’ll find the instructions quite easy to follow.


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We think this long bow survival bow is great! The following video will show you how to make it the easiest way in under 90 minutes. Please see the notes section below the video which will give you some added insights.

Video Note:
If you can find a straight young oak I’d use that but I know gamble oak in AZ are almost never straight and have a lot of knots.
I have made many bows from aspen, the draw weight has to be a little lower unless you are backing it with something. but apsen will make a good shooting bow, and if you are talking about a survival bow then anything you can get will have to do

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