How To Make A Simple 3 Block Concrete Survival Stove – This Is About As Fast, And Easy As It Gets.

If you are ever in a survival, or disaster situation and need to boil water or cook something in a hurry we’ve got you covered.

This fast, and easy 3 concrete block rocket stove is just what you need. If you can’t find any concrete blocks laying around you can buy them for all of $3.

We like this version of the rocket stove because it’s so fast, and easy to make. Anyone can make it. All you need is an “A” Block and Two “half” Blocks.

This rocket stove is wind and rain resistant, and cooks/smokes great.  It’s super sturdy and still portable. only fuel needed is twigs, leaves and small sticks. Watch the short video now for the full instructions. (The build for this starts at the 35 second mark in the video).

The “3 Block” Rocket Stove! – Concrete Rocket Stove – (and Smoker too!) – Super Easy DIY



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